The Real Smoked Nut Company

Hickory Smoked Macadamia Nuts

Hickory Smoked Macadamia Nuts packaging

Macadamia nuts, named after Dr. John Macadam, a friend of the British botanist who first classified them in the 1850s, are primarily grown in Australia, Hawaii and S E Asia. They are slow-growing and have very tough shells. They also have the highest content of beneficial monosaturated (cholesterol-reducing) fats of any nut.  Regarded as a delicacy by chefs and fine food experts, macadamias are still a relative luxury as crops are difficult to sustain and processing is not straightforward.

The Real Smoked Nut Company sources the finest quality macadamia nuts, which are then smoked in kilns over hickory woodchips in the traditional manner. They don’t just have smoked flavourings added. After smoking, they are roasted and salted.

These nuts can be enjoyed as a snack or appetiser at any time, but we feel they go particularly well with a very large Gin & Tonic or a glass of chilled, dry Sherry.

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