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Hickory Smoked Almonds & Cashews

Hickory Smoked Almonds & Cashews packaging

These finest quality almonds and cashew nuts have been traditionally smoked over hickory woodchips in a brick kiln. After smoking, they are roasted and salted. This distinguishes them from most ‘smoked’ nuts on the market which simply have smoke flavouring added.

Our Almonds and Cashews are of the highest quality and these nuts are, of course, entirely natural products with many nutritional benefits. The nuts require a little oil and Cheshire salt during the roasting process, but are otherwise entirely free of additives or colourings.

These nuts can be enjoyed as a snack or appetiser at any time and they are an excellent choice with white or tawny Port, Madeira, or a good Gin & Tonic!

Close up pictures of our various smoked nuts